Newsletter May 2014

Welcome to the Second SEAsurveys Newsletter

Since our last message we have continued to be extremely busy undertaking a mixture of risk based, shipboard and management review surveys at the inception of the policy, a large two stroke main engine casualty, P&I condition surveys for different Clubs, three heavy lift and securing approvals, to pre-purchase surveys as well the continued loss prevention related consultancy for two large shipowners, shipyard management consultancy and continued to oversee a major yacht renovation project.

Two of the heavy lift surveys were undertaken over the Easter weekend involving two Philippine built catamarans for shipment to North Wales for use as workboats for the offshore wind turbine industry. The craft is very impressive and with only a few centimetres to spare the loading operation was successfully completed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. See the attached photo-elapse link.

The pre-purchase inspection in reported last time worked out very well with the ship been delivered to the new Philippine owner last month. The local transportation was slightly unusual being fully caged buses and armed guards. Alasdair has also just returned from another pre-purchase inspection this time in Panama and despite the lengthy travel time, hopefully it will be another positive outcome for the owner. The ship being a relatively new build adding to the improvement in the quality of the Philippine based tonnage over recent years.

What We Do!

Mike and Alasdair are currently involved with a two stroke main engine casualty on a fully loaded large chemical tanker that suffered extensive damage in way of the crankshaft, connecting rods, cross head

bearing arrangement and the piston crowns. The entire engine was required to be stripped down and opened for inspection with the crankshaft grinding and polishing process overseen throughout the whole process. Being only four years old the cause of damage is something to look out for in future loss prevention surveys to make recommendations to prevent recurrence.

As well as overseeing the major crankshaft repairs Mike has also been involved with various fishing vessels for different fleets including a rather unusual tail shaft issue. Alasdair has recently returned from India having undertaken a JH2013/007 C management review survey for an impressive company managing tankers in the West Africa operating Ship to Ship (STS) transfers.

Sponsored Event

SEAsurveys were the co-sponsors for the Cebu Dragons at the Manila 10’s rugby festival. It was a great weekend followed by a hectic five days in Hong Kong that included the Hong Kong 7’s tournament. Bumping into a senior London underwriter whilst dressed in ABBA fancy dress did take a bit of explaining!! SEAsurveys will continue to support grass roots rugby in the Philippines and if anyone is interested in helping out please let Alasdair know. Rugby is thriving locally, but continual support is required.

Once again a massive thank you for all your support. We are working very hard but only with your support will we continue to do so. Please visit our website at

Susannah, Mike and Alasdair

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