Newsletter March 2014

Welcome To SEAsurveys Asia

Welcome to the first SEAsurveys newsletter and hopefully, an update will be made about every two months. Firstly a massive thank you for all the support given to us over the past two months or so. Being a newly established company the only way we will survive is with your continued support so again thank you to everyone. Our website is now up and running with further information to be added shortly. Please visit us at

Who We Are?

For those of you who do not know SEAsurveys is a newly establish Singapore registered company, although we are still based in the Philippines. At the short time, the company has been established, we have been involved with a large loss prevention exercise surveying 26 ships in 10 days. A huge task although since then with underwriters support this has been extended to an ongoing survey requirement attending for one week every month. This is the second such project we are involved with helping the ship owners reduce the level of risk in way of their shipboard management, crewing, emergency response, navigation, and machinery maintenance procedures.

What We Do?

Mike has continued overseeing a large yacht renovation project as well as his normal shipyard and fishing fleet consultancy work. He has also undertaken a tug inspection following a grounding incident and a modified yacht project that is he still assisting in Tacloban after the typhoon Haiyan disaster last November.

Various P&I surveys have been undertaken on some domestic tankers in the Philippines as well as a general cargo vessel and ferry in Tahiti. As well as the P&I surveys in Tahiti a management review for hull underwriters and a repairers liability survey were also made on the same visit making the lengthy travel time worthwhile.

Susannah has been busy proofreading the reports that are very important job if not an unenviable task. She is also keeping us in check with job and invoice numbers as well as organizing our flights. If you have any concerns please contact Susannah – her details are on the website.

As well as the monthly consultancy work in the Philippines Alasdair has travelled to Borneo, Tahiti, Indonesia, Singapore and is currently en route to Papua New Guinea undertaking a pre-purchase survey for a Philippine-based owner. He has also been involved with a large Cebu based ferry fleet. Casualty work has involved a collision incident, a fire, and a propeller damage. He is also involved with JH143 builders risk project.

Mike has managed a few rounds of golf, but being so busy Alasdair has had little time for fishing or his new found hobby of diving in the idyllic Philippine waters. However, we are looking forward to the Manila 10’s and Hong Kong 7’s rugby events towards the end of March. For the Manila 10’s SEAsurveys are sponsoring the Cebu Dragons so good luck to the boys. Alasdair has the opportunity to play for the Pot Bellied Pigs RFC from Hong Kong but despite the boots being ready he is not sure the body is!!

Once again thank you all for the massive start to SEAsurveys and hopefully, with your continued support, we can continue to offer risk reduction help to insurers and ship owners alike to the benefit of all.

Susannah, Mike, and Alasdair

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